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One Hand Video Poker Games

Jacks or Better  - Jacks or Better is one of the most widely played video poker game around.  Your  winning standard poker hand must have at least a pair of Jacks to payoff.

Joker Poker - Two Jokers are added to the deck and acts as a wild card. It takes the place of any card of any suite and rank. Whenever you are dealt the joker, the computer automatically assigns a suite and value to the joker in order to give you the best possible payout for a standard poker hand.

Deuces Wild - Deuces become the wild cards that can be used to replace any card value, any suite, and rank. Now you have four (4) wild cards rather than two (2) like Joker Poker. This enables you to create a potentially winning hand on a much wider scale than Joker Poker using the logistics of standard poker..

Aces & Faces -  Aces&Faces is played almost the same as Jacks or Better. The difference is in the payout table. Payouts are higher in this game for 4 of a
kind payouts of Aces and Face cards.Aces and Faces only difference from Jacks or Better is in the payout tables. Payouts are higher in the game for 4 of a kind of Aces and Face Cards.

Multi-hand Video Poker Games

Power Poker - Power poker is a 4-line video poker game.  It is available at many online video poker games such as:  Aces&Faces, Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, Joker Poker.

Ten Hand Video Poker -  This is a multi-multi hand video poker game that is only offered at a few casinos but you can really win big.  The multi-hand video poker game is played by being dealt five cards of the same on each of the ten lines.  You then hold your best cards and the same cards are held on the first line as on each of the ten lines.  Then, you are dealt new cards to replace the ones you did not hold and they can be different for each of the ten lines giving you the opportunity to win from 1 to 10 times.

Two (2) to Five (5) Hand Video Poker -  In Multi-Hand Video Poker,  you play two (2) or more hands at a time.  Each card you hold is duplicated  in the other hands on the screen. When you press the deal button, each hand is filled in with cards from a separate deck, but with the same card value. That means you have up to four tries to win. Any winning combination dealt in the first hand will automatically be copied to all your other hands.

Progressive Video Poker

SupaJax  - SupaJax is a Jacks or Better video poker game connected to multiple casinos. SupaJax accumulates deposits from it's players at all participating casinos and creates giant jackpots.  The game SupaJax is a video poker game that is based on the Jacks or Better payout schedule. The draw to this video poker game is the progressive jackpot that constantly accumulates money that can be won if you play for five coins and your hand contains four (4) Jacks and the SupaJax card.  The progressive jackpot continues to accumulate until one of the players draws the winning hand.  Otherwise, you receive the normal Jacks or Better payouts.  The draw to this type of game is the very large amounts
that can be won!

Jackpot Dueces - This video poker game is similar to the Deuces Wild payout schedule and like other progressive games, it is constantly accumulating money that can be won if you play for five coins and you draw a Royal Diamond Flush!  This would include the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten of diamonds.

MegaJacks - MegaJacks is a $0.25 progressive video poker game. This game is played exactly like the standard Jacks or Better video poker game, with the exception of the progressive jackpot.  In order to win the jackpot, you must get a Royal Flush while playing for Max Bet. Since the maximum bet is 5 coins of $0.25 (equals $1.25) this makes MegaJacks one of the cheapest progressive jackpot games to play.  A double-up feature is included with this popular video poker game.


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